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Stephanie, Christina-Maria Strassner born in 1966 in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, raised in the Stuttgart area and abides since 1989 in Greece. The strong desire to experience life from a different perspective led the artist after a two and a half year journey on a greek island into a cave at a remote bay.

Since 1989 she lives and creates in this cave. Her art is influenced by living out in nature, extraordinary experiences and a strong taste for freedom.

2009 Building a house on Crete.
1989 - 2017 painting in cave atelier.
Since 2017 moved her atelier to Miamou, Crete, Greece.

The artist loves multiplicity in creative expression and within the topics of her paintings, working with mixed techniques on paper and canvas.

Her creations, mostly abstract in nature, are explicit and energetic. They lead the spectator onto journeys beyond the limitations of everyday consciousness...